Dear Users, our systems have in place a purging system which deletes abandoned expired listing automatically after 30 days. We do this to avoid excess storage on our servers. 

What does purged mean?

Purging is a process where we set a CRON JOB to automatically check the database in search for data we program to be check and deleted with a certain timefraame that fits our purging criteria.

What Criteria We Set For Purging

Abandoned, expired listings

Abandoned users

Unverified acounts

How Do I Avoid My Listings Being Purge Deleted?

We recommend you keep your listings active, up-to-date and published every month to avoid disappointment when you login to find your listing has been purged and deleted due to to leaving your listing expired for an excessive amount of time. Being 30 DAYS.

We feel that if you cannot maintain your listing after being notified by our automated notifying system that your listing was about to expire and again advising that your listing has expired and needs renwing, then it is most likely because you no longer wish to be advertised on the site. We do try to follow up directly with our advertisers to remind them about expired listings, however, we do also need to maintain our systems to ensure fast and reliable services and our SEO.

Unfortunately, New listing do not qualify for our 30 days free trial offer.

All listings which are purged are PERMANTLY DELETED with no chance of recovery. 

If your listing has been purged and deleted, you will have to create a new listing.


What Else Can You Do To Avoid Listings Being Deleted?

Another option is to pay upfront in advance to keep your ads published for a set period of time. ie. 3,6,9,12 months.

You can contact us on 0426 202 825 to organise advertising for a set period of time in advance.


  1. General listings are $50 per month, so, a six months ad run will cost $300 or 12 months is $600 and we will set the expiry date fromwithin our systems respectively.
  2. Adult Job Listings are $25 per month, so a six months ad run will cost $150 or 12 months $300.
  3. Brothel For Sale Listings are $150 per month. ( No Commission ). A six month ad run will cost $900 or 12 months $1800

Any questions or concerens, please call Phil on 0426 202 825.

Kind Regards Management.