Go A Cheap Or High Class Brothel? You Decide!

Should You Go Visit A Cheap Brothel Or A High Class Brothel / Gentleman's Club?

Can't  Decide? We will help you make up your mind.

Let's put this into perspective. You are looking at visiting a brothel and you want the best value for your money (bang for your buck). 

Australia is full of brothels, bordellos and gentleman clubs. Brothels and brothel prices can vary a lot, as not all brothels are equal, PLUS, it depends on what you want.

Sydney, inner Sydney, the Eastern suburbs, North Shore, Northern Beaches have brothels located in close proximity to Sydney. Also Town Hall, Camperdown,  Marrickville, Petersham, Chatswood, Crows Nest, Kings Cross, Potts Point. If you head further out west, you will find areas like Parramatta, Granville, Blacktown, Pendle Hill, Wetherill Park, Liverpool, St.Marys, Cabramatta. In fact, Sydney has the most brothels including Asian brothels and they are scattered around in the city and suburbs. There are plenty of brothels in Sydney!!

Other states where you will find brothels in great numbers are in Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide. These too are found in the city and nearby suburbs in major hubs.

Firstly, here are 5 reasons a man is looking to visit a brothel;

  1. He is single and needs sex as he has no female partner. He wants the real experience of sex with a woman up close and personal, and not have to have a visit from Mrs Palmer and her five daughters.
  2. He is married and doesn't get sex from his partner or not often enough.
  3. He wants to experience what it is like to fuck someone else, maybe a foreign girl, coloured girl, BBW or anything of this nature.
  4. He wants to experience a woman that won't say NO, to his unusual sexual requests.
  5. He is just a sex maniac and can't get enough sexual pleasure.

If I have missed anything, you get the picture. Men are naughty creatures and the animal in them tends to come out now and then.

So, now it's time! You decided.you want to visit a brothel, but now the dilemma,  should you visit a cheap and sometimes nasty brothel, or go for a more expensive brothel, nowdays they call them a "gentlemansclub". You could go to an erotic massage parlour, but most of them only offer a rub n tug, with no sex, only a happy ending. You could also prefer a visiting escort service where a sexy lady of your choice will cum, i mean come to you. You can find plenty here at Adult Ads Australia. So let's assume a brothel is in order. Which one? CHEAP OR EXPENSIVE?




  • They are cheap and affordable. Some ranging from $60 to $80 depending in time. But for sure, you will get at least half an hour for under $100 and a whole hour for $150.
  • If you are lucky, you will find very attractive ladies with amazing hot sexy body. Some would even say they are their dream girl. 
  • If you are into Asian girls, then you are in luck as most Asian brothel are cheap.
  • Open 24 hours, so you can get your rocks off any time of the day or night and even on your lunch, coffee or dinner break.


  • Some places are dirty, unclean, and so are their women.
  • You never know what you will get, probably some older Asian woman, or ugly girl. But she could still provide a good service. 
  • If.you are goind to a brothel for more of a companion, rather than sex. Then you might find it difficult to communicate as most ladies are foreigners, most likely from China  Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Korea, Japan and so on. They will have little to no English language skills and if.you are looking for a chat, it could be difficult and next to impossible.
  • You could be susceptible to STD's and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Hygene can also be an issue as most cheap brothels have either no showers or broken showers that hardly work well. Not to mention the bed linen and towels that may not be cleaned very well or as often.
  • These are just a few MINUSES.. 

Now onto the more expensive brothels and gentlemens clubs.



  • The ladies are usually from Australia or European western country of origin.
  • The brothel premises are usually high class 5 star establishments.
  • The girls are much more attractive and some could easily pass as or probably are glamour models.
  • They can usually speak English.
  • Most have luxuriously appointed rooms with toilet, shower and spas in every room.
  • Towels and bed lined are almost always new, fresh, clean and changed after every clients visit.
  • Ladies are checked regularly for STD's or other sexually transmitted diseases, so you are much more safer.
  • Some offer complimentary refreshments and alcoholic beverages for their customers.
  • Most have discrete off street parking facilities.
  • A greater selection of ladies to choose from.
  • Most are open 24hrs for your convenience.
  • Overall, a luxurious and high end experience for every punter.


  • The price..It is much more expensive, but you tend to get what you pay for. Whilst you do pay more, keep in mind, you are not just paying for the intimate time with a beautiful lady, but you are spending this time in what one would easily describe as in a luxurious hotel, fully equipped bar where drinks are free, as well as a big comfortable king size bed, spa, and some even have swimming pools like Casablanca Brothel in Liverpool Sydney.
  • Everything is clean and spotless, and the focus is on you, "the client".

So I suppose, deciding on either a cheap brothel, or one of the best high class brothels.

It really depends.on what you want. A quick fuck, in and out, with no real desire for what you end.up wit, as long ad your desires are met, of.you are fussy and.expect a far better experience for.your dollars.

Either way, one thing for certain and is a given, is the fact that, whether you go for the cheap brothel or.expensive one, you will definitely get.your rocks off. Maybe you can visit a cheap brothel and get 2 visits for the same price you would pay for 1 visit in a top notch establishment.

In the end, it.is totally up to you, and most people are happy and satisfied with the choice they make.


Go out and try different places. Check out the listings on the following websites which will help you decide and find the right brothel  and remember, Happy Punting!!!








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